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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google Chrome

Now as is all over the news i went about downloading the browser to get a feel of it. The download of the click once installer was about 474 KB so how big is that :) really neat start, then the download of the installer and install takes about 1 minute (4 MB line) and in another minute it imports all settings from IE. Now that was really impressive , two and half minutes all set and up and running.

Features that clearly stand out are the Search history, Dynamic Tabs and the simplicity of book marking pages, there is more but these make be happy already :).

A useful thing is the Search your history box, I have wished for something like this for ages and its nice to see this feature. Hope Google does this for favourites as well.. I having accumulating favourites for the last seven years and i some times wish i could search through surely useful to me :)

The UI is definitely better than the heavy IE7, tabs are not new in a browser these days just checkout the dynamic tabs feature in Google Chrome, it is definitely cool , drag the tab out and see how it works

Bookmarking is easier and the download feature is different to other browsers.

Seems like Google has just started , I am already thinking of using this browser , but i am not sure about any bottle necks .. gotta wait and see

I am quite happy with what the beta offers,  if Google manages to hold off IE , I bet we could see this being used more widely..

If you want to download go to

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Dan Meineck said...

Google Chrome rocks!