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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

SqLite Manager plugin for firefox

There is a good chance some of you use this or know about this already. However this is kind of new stuff for me.. In my current project we use SqLite  to run our integration tests for the repository tests and the some of the rhino ETL process classes. We use SqLite as a file based database rather than an in memory instance and while i was debugging through the code I hit a point where i wanted to see how the schema was created and the data stored, so i can be sure the foreign keys where stored with the right values

SqLite Manager is a useful plugin for Firefox 3.6. This is browser based and allows you to work on the file based database just like Sql Server Enterprise Manager allows you to work with SQL 2000. This is a really useful tool when you are writing integration tests with SqLite.

You can get the plugin at , you may need firefox 3.6 or above

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